Case Study: Transforming Student Housing Rentals with HighSail Marketing

Client: 4stay

Industry: Student Housing Rentals

4stay, a SaaS-enabled online marketplace, is dedicated to providing comprehensive off-campus housing solutions for students across the globe. With a focus on connecting institutions and students with tailored housing options, 4stay aimed to redefine the student housing experience through seamless online booking and comprehensive accommodations.



Facing the challenge of enhancing their online marketplace and expanding their user base, 4stay sought a partner who could strategically transform their digital presence. They needed to not only increase property listings and user engagement but also boost lead generation through effective marketing strategies.



Enter HighSail Marketing, a dynamic digital marketing agency specializing in growth strategies. Collaborating closely with 4stay, HighSail Marketing orchestrated a multi-faceted approach that addressed 4stay’s goals:

1. Expanding Housing Listings: HighSail Marketing’s efforts resulted in a remarkable increase, elevating 4stay’s housing supply to over 125,000 property listings in more than 65 countries.

2. Email Marketing Mastery: HighSail Marketing designed and executed email marketing campaigns that achieved an outstanding average opening rate of 30% and a click-through rate of 50%. These campaigns not only grew 4stay’s audience by over 1,000% but also deepened user engagement.

3. Strategic Partnerships: HighSail Marketing facilitated key partnerships with organizations like ILA,, and Roomie App. The integration of APIs and creation of custom branded landing pages streamlined user experiences and extended 4stay’s reach.

4. Impactful Social Media Marketing: Through viral video commercials and automated distribution of college blogger posts, HighSail Marketing increased 4stay’s visibility and resonance across social media platforms.

5. Enhanced User Engagement: The implementation of an in-app automated messaging system allowed 4stay to interact with users in real time, fostering deeper connections.

6. Effective Lead Generation: HighSail Marketing’s automated lead generation system, driven by Facebook ads, Google AdWords, and Landing Pages, generated a steady stream of inbound leads, enabling the sales team to convert effectively.



HighSail Marketing’s strategic partnership led to outstanding outcomes for 4stay:

– Exponential Growth: 4stay’s property listings expanded beyond expectations, catering to a global audience.
– Audience Engagement Surge: Email campaigns achieved remarkable open and click-through rates, enhancing user engagement and connections.
– Strategic Alliances: Partnerships with industry organizations led to seamless integrations and amplified brand presence.
– Social Media Amplification: Engaging viral campaigns and automated content distribution elevated 4stay’s social media impact.
– Seamless Interactions: The in-app messaging system enhanced user experiences, fostering real-time interactions.
– Lead Generation Success: The automated lead generation system fueled a consistent flow of inbound leads for the sales team.



The collaboration between 4stay and HighSail Marketing illustrates the power of strategic digital marketing in redefining an industry landscape. Through innovative approaches, precise execution, and a dedication to results, HighSail Marketing transformed 4stay’s student housing rentals into a global powerhouse, achieving significant growth, enhanced user engagement, and amplified brand visibility.



“HighSail Marketing strategized sales and marketing directives to optimize growth across an organization providing resources for students searching for off-campus housing, successfully transforming the online marketplace for student housing rentals. Their efforts resulted in exceeding expectations in terms of property listings, user engagement, and lead generation. HighSail Marketing’s innovative strategies and dedicated approach have made a lasting impact on our organization’s success.”
– Akobir, Co-Founder/CIO, 4stay

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